Singapore: Top Must Eat Local Dishes

Singapore isn’t just famous for its world-class airport amenities, heart-pumping theme parks, and awe-inspiring town skyline but also because of its finger-licking dishes — after all, similar to what the renowned series of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ had revealed us. 

Singapore food is a miracle of its own! As time-consuming, Singapore’s seaport history certainly gave way to a diverse culture with assorted Western and Asian influences, which was perfected for ages. You can get the best food from daniel food diary in Singapore through


Traveling in Singapore is absolutely a joy and so as to assist foodies to enjoy you, I have compiled a list of a few of the very flavorful Singaporean dishes you have to attempt because you eat your way through this mega town!

Chili Crab

Ask any local about Singapore’s national dish and chili crab is certain to be a clear popular!  Truth be told, it was voted among the world’s 50 most flavorful foods at a poll by CNN.  So while in Singapore, be certain that you delight in these hot crabs saturated in a sweet & spicy tomato and chili sauce then put it off with fried or steamed mantous (buns).

Chicken Rice

Another competitor for the country’s most popular dish is chicken rice also called Hainanese Chicken.  In this Singapore dish, the chicken is cooked in a mix of pork and poultry bone inventory for a yummy snack.  

After ingestion, it’s occasionally immersed in ice water to make a shiny appearance.  The rice is then cooked in chicken stock, ginger, and garlic.  Now clearly, do not forget the chili and garlic sauce prior to grinding!  

Char Kway Teow 

These broad flavorful rice noodles are stir-fried with crispy bean sprouts, Chinese sausage, clams, dark soy sauce, and shrimp paste.  Relish from the filling meal using another smoky or wok heat (‘breath of a wok’) taste.