Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Laws in Illinois

Though all states have laws to prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace, regions like Illinois, Connecticut, and Maine take the step from reactive to proactive by mandating sexual harassment training for supervisors to prevent sexual abuse before it starts. While the training measures in these 3 states are similar, there are also significant differences in the specifics.

Illinois mandatory sexual harassment law provides comprehensive requirements for harassment training. The requirements in Illinois are far more stringent than those of Connecticut and Maine. Here’s a great online source from where you can understand about Illinois mandatory sexual harassment training in detail:

It puts education on the front burner and acknowledges it as the best defence against the claims of each company’s sexual harassment. While each of the states’ laws chooses which companies must provide harassment training, Maine requires the training at companies of only 15 employees or more. Both Illinois and Connecticut specify that companies that employ 50 or more employees conduct this training.

In this case, the Maine law is more stringent than the two other states. California and Connecticut require training for employees with supervisory authority only, while Maine law requires sexual harassment training for all employees, regardless of their position.