Eagles – The Birds Of Prey

Eagles are birds of prey with a large wingspan and strong muscular legs. His eyesight is also very good. There are several species of this bird and most of them are distributed in various states. With their relatively large wingspan, they are able to fly very fast on straight paths.

Therefore, they are able to hunt their prey very effectively. They are also heavy peaks that will help them attack their prey. It has been found that the sight of some eagles is 3.6 times better than humans. The large disciples of his eyes contribute a lot to this effect. This enables them to see their prey from a long distance.

Generally, these birds choose high places to build their nests. The female bird that is larger than the male lays two eggs. When one egg hates the young bird, it will wait for the other and kill it. Even the mother will not stop it.

This means that only the strongest eagles will survive and the bird population will be under control. It has been found that eagles are the largest of the birds of prey. However, there is no way to find the largest eagle for the simple reason that the heaviest one is not the one that has the largest wingspan.

Only very few species of birds of prey are larger than feathers or winged weights. Condor is one of them. In addition, there are some other vultures that are larger than these birds of prey. They are majestic birds when they are on the flight.